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Winnie Emex (ウィニー・エメクス, Winī Emekusu), also known as Winnie the Witch, is a witch owning a bar nearby the Rimdarl Kingdom.


Winnie appears as a young female human, but in reality is hundreds of years old. She has a medium long green hair and purple eyes and wears glasses. Being a witch, she usually wears a witch outfit.


Winnie was seen as a mysterious individual who helps others, with condition on her terms. Such as when Sally asked her to teach her magic, she asked for a payment of one million. And when she let them stay at her bar, she told them they have to clean it as return. She is also somewhat playful, as she likes to surprise Sally by suddenly appearing from behind. She also taunted Todoroki, by smiling at him frighteningly, when the oni demands to tell him who she was.


Winnie sneaks into the Rimdarl castle and checks their archives. She then sense intense energy and teleports away, while taking three more people. As the energy was an Ogre Blast, which obliterated the kingdom, Winnie asks those that she saved to work for her, but soon after they ran away from her.

Using her crystal ball, she watches over Saltherine Aldarake and her group and knew they were coming to her bar. She makes them order a drink and explains her reason for saving the people and what happened with them. Sally asks Winnie to train her and teach her magic. Winnie agrees on three conditions: keep it a secret, do as she says and pay one million. As Sally doesn't have that much money, Winnie agrees on discount for every penny she has on her, but Sally doesn't even have a single penny. As its getting dark, Winnie offers Sally's group to stay for the night instead of paying, they can clean the rooms.

As everyone goes to sleep, Frau visits Winnie, who had expected her as its been three hundred years since they last seen each other. As she had seen Frau uses a mallet, she made a new one for her. Frau asks Winnie to teach Sally magic, but Winnie doesn't budge on the price, however, states she can be paid later.

Power & Abilities[]

As a hundred years old witch, Winnie has a lot of experience and knowledge regarding magic and many other things. However, in the show, only a few scenes of her using magic was shown, which is as listed:

Teleportation Magic: Winnie is capable of using teleportation magic. As seen, back in Rimdarl castle archive, where she teleported herself and three more other people to safety, minutes before the ogre blast. She later uses it to teleport Sally and her companions to their destination and to immediately transport where Hawthorne was to save him from Todoroki's lightning blast.

Crystal Viewing: Using her crystal ball Winnie is able to spy on others as she wishes. Such as when she have claimed to spy on Sally and her group before they arrive. She later used it off-screen, when she watches Hawthorne fighting with Todoroki.

Fire Magic: Winnie was seen using fire magic to playfully scare Hawthorn and the lizardfolk, elf leader, when she was annoyed with them.

Seal/ Barrier Removal: Winnie can remove magic barrier, as seen when she got rid of the barrier which contains the sealed tree oni.

Attack Blocking: Winnie can block and stop an opponents magical attack, she's stronger than. She was powerful enough to even, block Todoroki's devestating lightning blast with her bare hands. And completely dissipate it by clenching them.

Weapon Creation: Winnie is somewhat capable of making weapon, as she created a new mallet for Frau to use in battle.

Sensing: Winnie can sense any sort of magical energy, such as she was able to sense an incoming oni blast. As well, as the abnormal power Sally contains within her.

Intuition: She has strong intuition, that she was able to identify each of Sally's group. Even being able to identify Carrot being an ex-oni who lost her horn.

Knowledge: Having been around for hundreds of years. Winnie is knowledgeable of many things, far from an ordinary humans can know. But, lesser than an Oni god or beings older than her.


Wooden Staff: Winnie can be seen carrying around a wooden staff, ocassionally. She was seen using it to help remove the barrier where the tree oni was.

Crystal Ball: Winnie owns a crystal ball, which she can be seen watching over other people.


Hawthorn Grattor: Winnie and Hawthorn know each other, possibly due to her connection to his grandfather. She seems to have concern over his well being as she warned him about the dangerous power Sally contains. And when she saved and reprimanded him, from Todoroki for planning to sacrifice himself. And giving him the sword Air, so he can fight against the lightning oni. It is hinted that Winnie was the one who raised him during his childhood.

Frau: Winnie seems to have some unknown connections with Frau, as both is familiar with each other. Having been acquainted 300 years ago. Generally, they seem to have good relationship with one another as Winnie greeted her when she visited her during the night. And gave her a new mallet. With Frau asking her to teach Sally magic.