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Somenki (蒼面鬼, Sōmenki) is a High Oni, known also as Mask Oni.


Somenki is a tall humanoid oni with long black hair. He wears a mask with two horns and has one yellow eye.



Somenki receives an order to assign at Rimdarl Kingdom and he obliterates the whole kingdom. He informs Meki that they send reinforcements, but they were all killed. As Sett also died, he was sent. He wonders why it was so difficult to destroy the kingdom. He sees that Meki had lost her power and considers her a human. He prepares to kill her, but Sally stands up to protect her. Hearing that she is the one that defeated Sett, he gets interested in fighting her, but as he was about to smash her head, Sumeragi contacts him and tells him to leave her alive and return. Following the order, Somenki turns his back and leaves.

Power & Abilities[]

Ogre Blast: He can shoot powerful blast that is able to destroy Rimdarl Kingdom with single attack.