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Sett (セト, Seto) is a Walrus Oni that attacked Rimdarl Kingdom with Meki.


Sett looks like a large humanoid walrus. He has two long tusks and one big black Oni horn on top of his head.


Sett was a powerful high oni, and he was aware, which made him sure of his abilities. He looked down at humans, yet comparing to many other Oni's he was one of those, who had the least dislike for humans. He showed respect to these that was powerful to fight him for a longer time by killing them with his most powerful blow, excepting Sally, either because she was human or because he was exceptionally powerful, which made him use his most powerful power, not because of respect, but to win.


Meki and Sett attack the Rimdarl Kingdom. Meki uses her Ogre Blast and destroys the kingdom's wall, however using her power makes her shrink for a while. She tells Sett to go ahead and after she recovers, she will join him.

He enters the kingdom and starts killing soldiers. Frau attacks him to protect Sally, which surprises him to see a demi-human in a human village and to protect a human. He fights Frau, who is much faster than him, but her attacks have no effect on him. He eventually makes her jump and grabs her in the air. He offers to spare her, if she gives up on the human, but Frau declines the offer. Sett then tosses her in the air and prepares to punch her in his full power, but she manages to recover and kick his punch. However, as the punch is too powerful, it sends her crashing on a building. Sally comes to protect Frau, and as Sett is about to strike, Sally easily blows away his right arm. Sally then easily stops Sett's right punch, making him wonder who is Sally. He unleashes his Ogre Blast on her, but it has zero effect. While wondering how that is possible, Sally pulls her sword and slashes Sett, killing him.

Power & Abilities[]