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Moki (猛鬼, Mōki) was an Oni character in Peach Boy Riverside. Moki was leading an Oni army to attack the Kingdom of Aldarake.


Moki is a large well build Oni with short hair. He has two horns on his forehead. He wears a small shirt that leaves his abdomen visible.


Moki is an Oni who seems to like fighting, but foolish to not listen to any advice and warnings.


Moki and Yaki arrives at the Kingdom of Aldarake. After Yaki meets the king, Moki asks him if he told them their demands of 30 sacrifices a month. Yaki explains the man that destroyed his country is here and its better if they flee. Moki then sees Mikoto Kibitsu coming out and decides to fight him, while Yaki decides to leave. Mikoto asks Moki if he was the one that destroyed the country to the east and Moki confirms and then tries to punch Mikoto, but ends up loosing his arm. He then witness how Mikoto kills every Oni that was with Moki and then cuts Moki's head.

Power & Abilities[]

Moki was a strong Oni, mainly depending on his large muscles.