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Millia (ミリア, Miria), also known as Hatsuki (髪鬼, Hatsuki, Hair Oni), is a Middle Oni that is capable of controlling her hair.


Millia looks like a young girl in a Sister outfit. She has a long blond hair and one broken Oni horn on the left side of her forehead.



Sumeragi calls Millia and gives her a mission. She goes into the forest and awakens Juki. As Saltherine Aldarake and her party arrive, she comes out and is surprised to see Meki, but realizing she lost her horn and powers, she decides to kill her and save her from her misery. Juki reveal himself and while they prepare for a fight, Sally offers they come to a peaceful conclusion. As the Oni disagree and Sally shows her power, Millia uses her hair on Sally, however, Sally easily tears it apart. Realizing Millia awakened him with borrowed power, Juki states he has no longer need for Millia and attacks her, but Sally protects her and kills Juki. Millia then runs in the forest and later finds Mikoto Kibitsu and starts traveling with him.

Power & Abilities[]

Millia has the power to control her hair, as in addition to using her hair to trap her opponents, she can turn some parts of her hair into various things,such as a hand, knife, axe, club or any other lethal object.



  • Millia has some similarities to Yami from the To Love-Ru serie, as they both have the ability to control her hair, both can turn parts of her hair into lethal objects, and both are blondes.The differences are that Millia is an Oni and while Yami is an alien genetically created as a walking living weapon.