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Mikoto Kibitsu (キビツミコト, Kibitsu Mikoto) is the main protagonist of the Peach Boy Riverside series. He has come to the Western Continent to kill any and all Oni that he encounters. He travels with a dog and a Oni named Millia.


He is young boy of average height and has dark, long hair and a very soft voice, due to which he is often mistaken as being a girl. In battle against Oni, he takes on a form of bloodlust that terrifies even those that care about him.


Mikoto has a twisted personality. His daring looks also show that he’s probably the type of boy who takes matters into his own hands and would rather work solo instead of working in a team. His cold demeanour however attracts more comrades as they console him that he doesn’t have to do things alone.


it is revealed that Mikoto is the son of a human woman and an Oni male named Gaki. He was entrusted to the village by Gaki after he ate his wife on accident. Though the village thought Gaki to be human, the village discovered a horn on Mikoto's head and tied him up to be publicly berated.

He apparently took his name from the original Momotaro who took him in and raised him. He decides to kill all ogres after Momotaro is killed by the Kishin. The original Momotaros sword and his talking dog are entrusted to him.

Mikoto journeys to the Kingdom of Aldarake. He meets the princess Saltherine Aldarake, who asks him to hide her from the guards. Learning that he is a traveler, she invites him to stay at the castle and tell her about his journeys. Mikoto finds Aldarake to be a nice place, peaceful with kind people, but Sally finds it boring. The next day, Sally is surprised to learn that Mikoto is a boy. While walking around the castle, he sees Yaki, an Oni. He goes out and finds group of Oni led by Moki. He asks Moki if he was the one that destroyed the kingdom in the north and as Moki confirms, he cuts off his arm. Mikoto then proceeds and kill all Oni and then finishes Moki. Initially Sally wanted to go with him, but seeing all the dead Oni, she stops. Mikoto then continues on his journey with Dog.

Power & Abilities

Peach Eyes: Mikoto originally didn't have Peach Eyes. He got the them when Moki (The Original Owner of Peach Eyes and the teacher of Mikoto Kibitsu) was killed by Magic/Law God Oni Nobrega. After his master death the Peach Eyes move from Hiko to Mikoto and at the same time his Oni Power awaken, and with the help of his Oni Power and the Peach Eyes he was able to kill his teachers murderer Law God Oni Nobrega. Also in the manga and animr it is seen that Mikoto has 2 peach eyes while Sally has one, but having 2 peach eyes doesn't necessarily makes him stronger than a Kishin/God Oni class beacause Hiko also has 2 Peach eyes, the most probable reason Mikoto able to kill Kishin/Oni God class is because of his Oni power combine with the Peach power.

Oni Power: His Oni power awaken the same time when he received his Peach Power from Sally. Wich makes it adapted to his peach power and from the manga his Oni Power gives him the ability to eat any attack from oni, he can even eat an attack from an Oni God/Kishin. (The part his Oni Power adapted to his Peach Power is only a theory, the reason is because the ability to eat Oni's attack is very compatible to his Peach Power).


  • Katana: Mikoto wield long katana that he get from his master after his death, Mikoto is proficient in using it.


Saltherine Aldarake: Mikoto and Sally seems to be in good relationship. They both hold each other in high regard and will do anything to help if one of them is in danger. It appears Sally may has developed romantic feelings for Mikoto , as everytime they meet Sally blushes heavily and wonders what to say, but this has yet to be confirmed.


According to Nihon Shoki, Repunzel, son of Emperor Kesegie, took the name 吉備津彦命 with "Powerful Man of Jiji" In mythes, the Emperor slays a Kitten called Mittens, who terrorised group of mice. Some suggest the story of "Harry Potter" stems from the ledgend of Mittens.

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