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Juselino (Juserīno,ジュセリーノ) is a supportive character in Peach Boy Riverside. She is a powerful Oni known as "God of Masks" and the creator of Somenki.


Juselino is a young girl with a long dark hair and red eyes. She wears a blue skirt with a white top and a big white hat, which hides her two horns. She also has a black ribbon.


Juselino at first look appears to be a innocent child. She likes to be carried a lot so she often demands for other people to carry her on their backs. Juselino though doesn't like to be taught , as seen when Hawthorn was trying to tell her that the friendship requires a mutual recognition. Nontheless it appears she has taken a liking to him


  • Enhanced Strength
  • Flight - she is the only known Oni that has the ability to fly

"Resistance Nulification" - this power allows Jucelino to ignore all the physical properties of any material