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Hawthorn Grattor (ホーソン・グラトール, Hōson Guratōru) is one of the main characters in Peach Boy Riverside series. He was the Regimental Commander of the Royal Knights for the Rimdarl Kingdom before it was completely vaporized by Mask Oni, making him one of the few survivors.


Hawthorn is a tall young man with black eyes and short brown hair. He usually wears a brown pants and blue shirt.


Hawthorn has a kind personality and rarely gets angry at others. He has the mindset of a Commander, so he is good at strategizing and can work well under pressure.

Dubbed the "weakest" of the bunch, Hawthorn's current aim is to get strong enough so he can protect his new friends.


Hawthorn witness Sally and Frau defeating an Oni in the nearby village and arrests them. He takes them to Kingdom of Rimdarl and throws them in jail. Later, he informs Sally and Frau that they are free to go. At first, Sally asks why they were arrested in the first place and answers her own question by stating it was because of Frau. Hawthorn counters by saying the reason was that Frau was not only a Demi-human but one that could defeat an Oni bare handed. He explains that the village is often attacked and they patrol around it each day to try and help if an attack occurs, and he ended up liking Frau as he protected a human and bowed to the village chief as fighting to protect something is what chivalry is. Sally then forces him to buy them lunch, but as they head out, the kingdom gets attacked by Oni. Frau attempts to fight it, while Hawthorn takes Sally to safety. However, Sally returns a bit later and defeats it.

On the next day, Hawthorn thanks Sally as according to Frau, she defeated the Oni. He takes Sally and Frau to the jail and shows them an unconscious girl they found, who was seen with the Oni and looks like a humanoid Oni. He isn't completely sure and doesn't want to kill her yet and asks Sally and Frau to look after her as if she is an Oni, his man won't be able to handle her. He later gets informed that the Oni girl escaped with Sally and Frau. He stops them outside the castle, but gets easily pushed away by Frau. As he prepares to chase them with his men, an Oni Blast obliterates the whole kingdom, including his men.

Power & Abilities[]

As a former knight, Hawthorn is trained in the field of swordsmanship, though he is still considered to be the weakest among the group. But, he was able to defeat Todoroki, a powerful oni in his right.


Air- A sword formerly belonging to Frau. It is said to be a treasure of heaven, and can cut through anything.