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Sally and the Crossroads is the 3rd episode of Peach Boy Riverside anime series, but the 9th episode chronologically.


In what appears to be a tournament, Hawthorn is seen being victorious, but Sally, Frau and Carrot clapp, as like they are bored. Hawthorn comes closer and asks them if they have seen his moves. Sally tells him that he is lucky his opponent was weak and then leaves.

They are seen walking in a dark corridor when Carrot asks her if it is okay for them to leave him there. Sally answers that she actually have no interest, but then the Oni girl ask her why is Hawthorn participating in a tournament in the first place. She says that the likely reason is the reward of 300 gold coins for the winner. Frau though adds that she thinks it is just because of a man passion, surprising the group. As they are walking Sally suddenly sees Mikoto in the crowd and decides to run after him, leaving her friends. She manages to catch up with him on the street. She call his name and he turns, saying that it has been a while since their last meeting.

Sally and Mikoto reunite

They decide to sit on a bench and talk for a bit. Mikoto apologise that treating her with a free cup of water is all he could afford. In a flashback it is revealed that the reason why he is broke is because Millia has consumed all his money. Mikoto then tells Sally that even if he is broke he probably won't be soon. She asks him if he is planning on participating in the tournament but he tells her that the culprit responsible for his lack of money is actually the one to fight. Immediately after Millia is shown beating her opponent in the arena. She is annoyed that she has become weak after she lost her Oni powers.

Jucelino appears

Meanwhile Sumeragi and a nameless Mid Oni are seen talking next to the ruins of an old church. The Mid Oni apologise for his failure on his mission. Sumeragi tells him that his opponent is just too strong and that it is not his fault. While they are talking a young girl appears and demands to be carried. The Oni asks himself what is wrong with her but then Somenki insults him and tells him not to disrespect his master. Sumeragi decides that introductions are necessary and reveals that the girl name is Jucelino and that she is a Oni God (exceptionally powerful beings even among the Oni). He quickly apologises to her and agrees to carry her on his shoulders. Then they are seen walking towards what appears to be a summoning circle and it is revealed that Sumeragi is hosting a Oni Assembly.

The 672th Hundred Oni Assembly

Suddenly the circle activates and numerous Oni appear. Sumeragi announces the beginning of the 672th Oni Assembly and shows them a map of their influence on the continent in the past and then another map of their highly reduced influence now, shocking all the Oni. Sumeragi tells them that the one responsible is none other than the peach boy and that Sett and many more have been killed. A Oni Todoroki asks him why isn't he uniting them to fight the killer and tells him that he hasn't planned to incite his anxiety. He then shows them the decapacitated head of Somenki as a proof of how dangerous Mikoto is and lies that Meki has been tortured and then killed. This makes Todoroki furious, as he is revealed to have a crush on her, and he decides to kill the peach boy.

Todoroki expressing his desire to kill Mikoto

Back in the city Hawthorn is seen stretching when he is approached by Jucelino. She once again demands to be carried. He asks her if she has got lost but she answers that she is waiting for someone. Hawthorn decides to walk with her and introduces himself. As they are walking they bump into Sumeragi, who he tells Hawthorn that he is a priest and that he is her guardian. The Oni then asks Hawthorn if he is going to participate in the tournament today and tells Jucerino that it is okay for her to support him. In the meantime Millia is getting ready as well, when Mikoto tells her that even if he can't be there to support her he will pray for her well-being, making the girl blush.

Hawthorn is seen preparing for his next fight when in the crowd he hears Jucelino. Somewhere in the same crowd Sally is seen saying that it is too loud when she is approached by Sumeragi. He introduces himself and tells her that his goal is the same as hers - Oni and Humans to live together. Mikoto appears and tells Sally to stay away from him because he is the enemy and tells her that he is a powerful High-Oni. Sumeragi confirms that but then also adds that if Sally cooperates with him her goal will become reality. Mikoto though tells her not to trust him and to choose her friend side.

Suddenly Sally is faced by a difficult choice ...

Characters In Order of Appearance[]

  1. Hawthorn Grattor
  2. Carrot
  3. Saltherine Aldarake
  4. Frau
  5. Mikoto Kibitsu
  6. Sumeragi
  7. Juselino (Debut)
  8. Somenki
  9. Todoroki (Debut)

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