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Ogres and Humans is the 2nd episode of Peach Boy Riverside anime series, but the 3rd episode chronologically.


Meki sits under a big tree and watches a couple of butterflies flying around some flowers, growing nearby. Suddenly a mysterious figure appears from behind the tree and asks her why she is sighing. She is surprised that she isn't alone and wasn't able to feel another presence, except for herself, but then out of boredom decides to play with the stranger. As she tries to use her ogre blast (kihou), the tree is sliced down, much to the girl shock. The stranger tells her that he also wants to play and asks her if the explosion that happened earlier is her doing. He then adds that it won't be fun for him to slay her, while she is regenerating her powers, and suggests to have a little talk while waiting.

Meanwhile back in the Kingdom of Rimdarl Sally continues her fight with Sett. The giant Walrus Ogre is delighted that he is to fight with not one but two strong opponents in a single day and proceeds to attack Sally. He tries to punch her, but she manages to stop his fist.

Sally defeating Sett

In the meantime Meki is seen sitting next to the tree log, left after the tree was cut. The ogre girl asks the stranger if he is the notorious demon hunter who is travelling, slaying all Oni in his path. He is surprised that she has heard of him, but then asks her why are they attacking the city. Meki answers that the humans have cut trees and moved stones from one place to another to build the castle and tells him that humanity are the enemy of her kind. He accuses her that her love for nature stems from the anger caused by her losing her land and therefore it is revenge. Finally 5 minutes passes and the Oni has recharged her power. She attacks him saying that he is a threat and she must get rid of him. He laughs and tells her that she is free to try. Back in the city Sett tells Sally that she is also a threat and proceeds to use his kihou, but much to his shock Sally manages to survive. She then look around herself as if she hasn't realised that there was an explosion, and tells the ogre that she can't let him do it again. She takes her sword out and slash her enemy, defeating him in the process, but then passes out.

Mikoto destroys Meki's sendo

The stranger decides to make it easy for Meki and wounds his own leg with his katana, shocking the girl. He tells her to use her kihou on him, but then somehow manages to survive it as well. He then push the girl on the ground and tells her that his name is Mikoto Kibitsu and he is a sworn enemy of Oni, as he cuts her horn and stab her eye, revealed to be the power source of her kind. Suddenly Dog appears and ask him why he hasn't killed her and Mikoto tells him that without her power she is no different than a human and that is a way for him to torture her. Then they are seen leaving the city.

A mysterious creature on its way to Rimdarl Kingdom

Later the same day, as the sun sets a mysterious figure appears saying that he has found the person he is looking for. Sally awakes and sees Frau, staying next to her. Frau tells her that she has defeated the oni, and then Hawthorn gives her her sword confirming what the harefolk told her. He then asks them to follow him and they find themselves in a cell, which shock them as they think they are arrested once again. Hawthorn tells them that they are not imprisoned and show them a girl sleeping in a cell. He tells them that she is a possible Oni and asks them to stay in the cell guarding her. Then the captain leaves the room and Frau tells Sally that the girl is actually pretending to be asleep. She asks Meki if she remember who she is, but Meki tells them that she is Oni and tries to attack Frau. She realises that her power is gone, thanks to Mikoto. After hearing his name Sally tells her that she belives that she is Oni but then says that she will be executed if the guards find out. Meki tells the blonde that she prefers to die but this annoys Sally and she orders Frau to help them escape.

The city is wiped out

Meanwhile a guard enters Hawthorn quarters and tells him that the prisoner has escaped and that apparently Sally and Frau helped her. Sally is seen running from the knights when Hawthorn appears on his horse. He tells her that as a knight he can't let them but suddenly he is kicked by Frau. Hawthorn then asks her if she realise what she is doing and is answered that it is because she knows that she is running away really fast. As one of the knights is giving the reins to his captain, suddenly the whole city is wiped out, much to everyone shock.

Characters In Order of Appearance[]

  1. Carrot
  2. Mikoto Kibitsu
  3. Saltherine Aldarake
  4. Sett
  5. Frau
  6. Dog
  7. Sumeragi (Debut)
  8. Hawthorn Grattor
  9. Somenki (Debut)

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