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The Former Princess and the Rabbit Girl is the 2nd chapter of the Peach Boy Riverside manga series.


Sally continues her adventure when she comes across a rabbit-man lying on the road. She initially stays out of the way, but she hears the rabbit-man's stomach grumbling. Thinking it may be hungry she grab her backpack and offers her a carrot. The rabbit introduces herself as Frau, and Sally notes this is the first time she has seen a demi-human. Against Sally's wishes, Frau begins to follow her. The two eventually set off towards a nearby village, where they meet a villager who seeing Sally is traveling with a demi-human immediately shouts at Frau to leave. Sally thinks rules are rules, and she and Frau should split, but after a brief flashback to Mikoto, she decides to leave with her. Sally gives Frau her raincoat to hide her appearance and the two reenter the village in the hopes of finding food and shelter. They run into the Lord of the village, who offers them both.

Sally and the Lord eat dinner while Frau retreats to an offered room. The Lord tells Sally of the village's hardships at the hands of the Oni and how they were all killed by an unknown stranger. After some questions, the Lord reveals that Mikoto was there just two weeks ago. After dinner, the Lord shows Sally to her room and tells her of the inferiority of the demi-human people. He says in the end, they are no different than regular demons and they are in fact the enemies of mankind.

Sally wakes up to a large crashing sound and finds that a demon has landed in the village. She approaches the Oni and freezes instantly. Realizing she is about to die, Frau comes to her rescue and kills the Oni in two kicks. Sally thanks Frau and replies saying she thinks Sally is very kind and wants to stay with her. The Lord of the village asks the two to leave, but Frau approaches the Lord and thanks him for the carrot, much to everyone shock. Leaving the village, they are surrounded and then arrested by members of the Rimdarl Knights.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

  1. Saltherine Aldarake
  2. Frau (Debut)
  3. Mikoto Kibitsu (Flashback)
  4. Hawthorn Grattor (Debut)