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Carrot (キャロット, Kyarotto) is one of the characters in the Peach Boy Riverside series. She is a High Oni who was previously known as Meki (眼鬼, Meki, lit. Eye-Oni) that joins Sally on her travels after losing her powers. She is an Oni from the east .



Carrot looks like a young curvaceous girl with knee-length light-purple hair that has chin-length bangs covering the right side of her face, yellow eyes and she has pointy ears.

She wears a long black and white sleeveless dress (Qipao) with black tights and white boots with black on top.


As an Oni, she had a single black horn on her left side of the forehead, and when using kihou, her right eye would became monstrous, with veins pulsating around it . She would also took on a form of a younger child, when recharging her powers.



Meki and Sett attack the Rimdarl Kingdom. Meki uses her Ogre Blast and destroys the kingdom's wall, however using her power makes her shrink for a while. She tells Sett to go ahead and after she recovers, she will join him. While waiting to recover, Mikoto Kibitsu shows up. She attempts to kill him, but as he cuts the tree, she realizes he is strong and is the reason she was paired with Sett. Mikoto wants to have fun and doesn't want to kill her in this form, so he agrees to wait until she recovers. While waiting she asks Mikoto why he kills Oni, as she is killing humans because they are destroying the natural spaces the other species are living. Mikoto states that she just wants revenge on the humans taking her land and even if there is no cause, they will be killing themselves as they hate each other.

Meki recovers and unleashes her power, creating multiple flying eyes. Mikoto cuts her, but it has no effect on Meki, who reveals that all her eyes are her body. She sends one of her eye to call for a backup and plans on stalling for a hour until they arrive, but Mikoto creates a chi blast and destroys her eyes. He then pins his leg with his sword and provokes her to use her Ogre Blast, stating he won't be dodging it. She uses it, but it has no effect on him. As she shrinks, he decides to spare her and only takes her horn and eye, making her no different than a human.

Power & Abilities[]

Ogre Blast: She was able to produce powerful blast that was able to destroy kindgdom wall but after she uses she shrink for few minutes.

Relationships amor por otros[]